Online Security Clearance to be put in place

February 4: The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs and the Royal Bhutan Police will soon put in place a system where people can process security clearance online.  This will not only help save time but also avoid duplication of paperwork.

It is not one or two who visit the security clearance centre at the police headquarters in Thimphu. Everyday, close to 200 people, mostly youth visit the clearance center to process their security clearance for employment and further studies.

The current procedure where one has to fill the forms manually is tiresome and time consuming.

Security clearances are obtained for different reasons.

One also needs a security clearance for trainings, promotions and for making new passports.

Piles of papers waiting to be delivered on time are equally tiresome for the personnel working. But this may not be the case anymore. People can by the end of this year get their clearance certificates online.

The system will track the status of applicants with concerned authorities for approval. With the approval one can download the forms it in a day.

The new system is also expected to reduce burden- both for the people and the government. It is also expected to bring about efficiency in the government system.

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