Bhutanese film industry, a long way to go

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September 10: It has been a decade or so since fledgling Bhutanese film industry came into being. Today it is a growing industry. But according to those working in the film industry, it still has a long way to go.

From storytelling to audio, video, sound and acting, the Bhutanese film industry has come a long way. But it still has many challenges. These include huge investments in recording equipment, cameras and other gizmos. Lack of movie theatres and trained artists are also seen as some of the challenges.

 Tshering Wangyel a film director said there is a lack of proper theater or venue to screen the films. He added that it would be convenient if there were film distribution networks.

“If we could have distributing network where they buy our films and producers could immediately get the money and start on the next project instead of waiting for a year or two to make a film,” said Tshering Wangyel.

Kesang P. Jigme also a film director said most of the actors are amateur and lack proper training.

Chencho Dorji, a film producer and actor said there should be tax holidays and at the same time training slots. Others felt the need for an acting school.

The Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan has submitted proposals to the government to help solve the problems.

The first Bhutanese movie, Gasa Lama Singye was produced in 1989. And a decade later, local film makers started making feature films consistently. Today more than 600 people are working in the Bhutanese entertainment showbiz.

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